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22xEmbed Rods TMK Neon Citrus Fruits

22xEmbed Rods TMK Neon Citrus Fruits

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TMK Neon Citrus Fruits Embeds

Made with super high colour load and a little bit of SLSA 

Each embed is approximately 6cm long by 1.4cm wide by 1cm deep 

Please note this particular embed doesn’t colour the water so you will need to have a coloured (Dyes or Lakes) bath bomb to make the bath water coloured. 

** Embeds are irregularly shaped. We only charge for 20x but give 22 to allow for any ends that may be too small or larger. 

COLOURS: Neon Tangerine-Neon Egg Yolk-Neon Yellow/Gren

Polyester-3, Tartrazine, Acid Red 92, (CI#19140-45410), Pigment Green 7, (CI#74260), SLSA

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