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22xEmbed Rods TMK Neon Skates

22xEmbed Rods TMK Neon Skates

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TMK Neon Skates Embeds

Made with super high colour load and a little bit of SLSA 

Each embed is approximately 6cm long by 1.4cm wide by 1cm deep 

*Please note this particular embed doesn’t colour the water so you will need to have a coloured (Dyes or Lakes) bath bomb to make the bath water coloured. 
** Embeds are irregularly shaped. We only charge for 20x but give 22 to allow for any ends that may be too small or larger. 

COLOURS: Neon Pink-Yellow/Green-Teal

Polyester-3, Tartrazine, Pigment Green 7 (CI74260-19140),Polyester-3, Acid Red 92 (CI45410), Polyester-3, Tartrazine, Pigment Green 7, utramarine blue (CI74260-19140) 

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