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All Game Controllers (3D Printed)

All Game Controllers (3D Printed)

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Genuine high quality bath bomb moulds printed at highest resolution and 30% infill to withstand tough use. 

3D printed moulds strong enough for every day commercial use and that can be used with a press with a flat large plate attached. 

Each mould is tested by myself with 12yrs experience making bath bombs and selling commercially through our shop.
Each bath bomb mould is shown with a bath bomb made with that particular mould (not exact one as you will buy a NEW mould of course) 

*We do not teach others how to make bath bombs or supply recipes. we just test test test and make sure each and each every mould works properly before sale. 

*Any and all customs fees or charges for international buyers are the responsibility of the buyer. TMK takes no responsibility for these charges so please be aware of what your country may charge you. 

Moulds are made to order and take 3-28working days to print. 

If your item is returned to us we will charge a resend fee of full postage amount if it is not our fault. Be sure to check your address is correct when ordering and that you pay any and all customs fees applicable. 
We do not refund if an item is returned to us because buyer has failed to pay the customs fees. The post office does advise us if that is the case. 

Mould news, pics and videos can be found here

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