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Extra Large Shower Steamer Snap Mould & Top Plunger (3D Printed)

Extra Large Shower Steamer Snap Mould & Top Plunger (3D Printed)

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This one is designed for box sets of steamers and makes a log that snaps into 10x 78gm Shower Steamers

Log weighs 780gm total

Measures when made 200mm by 60mm by 55mm High 

Comes as two parts as shown, mould and mould packer. 

Moulds are printed around the clock and processed ready for post within 3 -28working days (we reserve weekends for test/new print and design) unless we advise otherwise personally. 

Each mould is tested by myself with 11yrs experience making bath bombs and selling commercially through our shop. Each bath bomb mould is shown with a bath bomb made with that particular mould (not exact one as you will buy a NEW mould of course) 

All our moulds are generously sized 

Colours may vary to photo shown 

*We do not teach others how to make bath bombs or supply recipes. we just test test test and make sure each and each very mould works properly before sale.

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