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Gumdrop Heart Confetti Moulds & Full Tray Plunger

Gumdrop Heart Confetti Moulds & Full Tray Plunger

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Multi trays all are at least 9 but a couple are more than 9, see pictures. 
These are to make micro mini bath bombs to be used as bath bomb toppers, embeds or as multi packs and favours. The skies the limit so far as ideas go. 
Individually the bath bombs made in these weigh between 6grams to 12gm each

Mould needs to be packed exceptional well and back scraped off, slam down onto flat surface, tap mould all over to release bombs and allow to dry flat. Video on our Facebook page at TMK Moulds & Colourants 

 Plungers are sold separately and make the making of these bombs much easier especially if you have Arthritis or dexterity issues. 

*Sold Separately 

*Sold as a complete set of 6 moulds and 6 Plungers 

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