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Happy Faces Soap Crayon Silicone Mould

Happy Faces Soap Crayon Silicone Mould

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This is for the form used to create silicone moulds yourself which can be customised with text or for the silicone mould itself which comes with standard text SOAP CRAYONS.

* Due to the popularity of this product some delays can occur of up to 3wks if supplies like silicone or bottles need ordering. I have limited storage space to keep bulk supplies at this stage 

Mould Former information

You can add your own simple text to each crayon or chalk in the font as shown and as many as 12 characters including spaces. I will text or message you once ordered to discuss what you would like. 

Each former can create an endless amount of silicone moulds, we recommend the use of Pinkysil as this is the silicone we use and have tested.

Each former comes sealed ready to start creating your own silicone moulds.

Soap Crayons are 20mm wide by 90mm long x 20mm deep

**Purchasing of this mould former using TMK Moulds design gives you the rights to reproduce design for personal use of the buyer ONLY. It is not permission to commercially reproduce mould design for sale or distribution of any kind. 

**If ordering more than 3x in your first order, you will receive the silicone moulds and the former remains here at TMK Moulds unless specifically requested. All future moulds ordered can then be ordered using the standard silicone mould at $33 each. Please just add a note to let me know when ordering that your want your custom mould made and what it is called. 

Silicone Mould information

Soap Crayons are 20mm wide by 90mm long x 20mm deep

The text on the silicone mould can not be customized it comes standard as SOAP CRAYONS, if you are wanting custom text please buy the former so you can create your own moulds and have me make the text your own. 

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