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Pre Designed Soap Stamps Collection #1

Pre Designed Soap Stamps Collection #1

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Pre Designed soap stamps are as shown. Each Stamp is centered on an 80mm by 80mm square base and made with a handle. 

Built from eco friendly PLA+ plastic and printed at high resolution settings for best results. 

Can be used by hand in fresh soap but for best results I've found a slightly firmer week old soap and a the use of a bath bomb press on low settings gives these old arthritic hands the best impression in my soap. Please know though that I have little strength in my hands so most people will only need hand pressure to get a lovely deep crisp result. 

I always dust my soap with some cornstarch before stamping so my soap doesnt stick in my stamp

Stamps can be washed using cold tap water and a nail brush, allow to dry thoroughly for a couple days before using again to ensure all water has gone. DO NOT use hot water ever with printed plastic. 


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