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Soap Crayon Deal + Recipe

Soap Crayon Deal + Recipe

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For a limited time get a Soap Crayon Squiggly silicone mould (Soap Crayon Text) and a 6 pack of Soap Crayon essentials colourants plus Soap Crayon Recipe 

These colours are water soluble and suitable for soaps, MP, CP & HP, surfactant based products such as Body wash, Bubble Bath, Foaming Scrubs & chalks etc.
They’re not suitable for bath bombs, lip products, oil based products.
Individual testing is recommended as always.
*Know the cosmetic laws in your own country before deciding if this product is for you
* Due to the popularity of this product some delays can occur of up to 3wks if supplies like silicone or bottles need ordering. I have limited storage space to keep bulk supplies at this stage 

*Please be aware that Purple Haze may have an odour to it, this is unavoidable and doesn’t affect the end product in any way. 

Ruby Red:  Aqua,Propylene Glycol,Pigment Red5, CAS#6410-41-9

Orange Spritzer: Aqua,Propylene Glycol,FD&C Yellow 5, CI#15985, CAS#2783-94-0

Lemon Zest: Aqua,Propylene Glycol,CI#19140, FD&C Yellow 5, CAS#2512-29-0

Green Leaves: Aqua,Propylene Glycol,CI#74260,19140,FD&C Yellow 5, Pigment Blue 15:3, CAS#1328-53-6,147-14-8

Tahitian Blue: Aqua,Propylene Glycol,CI#74160, Pigment Blue 15:3, CAS#147-14-8

Purple Haze: Aqua,Propylene Glycol,CI#51319, Pigment Violet 23,CAS#6358-30-1

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