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Water Soluble Dye Colour COLLECTION 50gm

Water Soluble Dye Colour COLLECTION 50gm

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Our food grade water soluble dyes are an absolute must have!! The teeniest little bit packs such a colour punch!! You simply can’t make embeds without them!! 


MP- When mixed with Glycerin OR use our TMK Liquid Colours instead

CP and HP-Technically yes but they bleed

Oil Based Products-No

Water Based products-Yes

Bath Bombs-YES but always use Polysorbate 80 and preferably also SLSA in your mix to avoid risk of colour transfer onto surfaces like with all colourants. 

As with all products we recommend you do your own testing as we are not able to fully determine suitability without knowing your ingredients and are not liable in any way for mishaps when using our product

Labelling Details:

Brilliant Blue: CI#42090

Apple Green: CI#42090-19140

Yellow: CI#19140

Amaranth: CI#16185

Ponceau: CI#16255

Carmoisine: CI#14720

Orange: CI#15985

Indigo Blue: CI#73015

Deepest Violet: CI#28440

Raspberry: CI#73015


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